Square Round

This packaging solution incorporates all the cost benefits of a fibre drum with the added advantage of a square profile.

Our range of Square-Round drums provide a wide choice of sizes, enabling optimum use of pallets, storage space and transport vehicles.

The strength and resilience of the Square-Round is derived from its convolutely wound fibre material. Available in a wide range of styles with both slip-over and flush fitting lids.

Square-Rounds can incorporate Handle-Holes for ease of handling and Lok-Tie holes for security closures.

The Square-Round All-Fibre Drum
  • Features:

    Square-Rounds can be made with Handle-Holes for ease of handling and Lok-Tie holes for a security closure.

    Square-Round drums are:

    • Environmentally Sound
    • 100% Recyclable
    • UN Approved
    • Nestable, reducing storage space and transport costs.
    • Economical
  • Gallery:

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