Fibre Drum


Fibre Drum

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Fibre drums are a versatile and durable packaging alternative to plastic and steel. With the added benefits of being lightweight, customisable and re-usable, they are the latest in cost-effective and environmentally friendly packaging.

Some of the many benefits of choosing the fibre drum are:

  • It's strength and durability means that it is perfect for safely carrying a wide variety of products including; solids, powders, pastes, semi-liquids and hazardous materials.
  • The high level of durability also means that fibre drums can be re-used again and again. When it's time for them to be disposed of, the drums can easily be recycled.
  • The range of heights and diameters available means that you only pay for what you need, with no wastage and no unnecessary costs.
  • Though it may look simple on the outside, the fibre drum ensures electrostatic inertia and provides thermal insulation. It also protects its contents from UV rays.
  • The paper and board used to make our drums come from purpose-built sustainable forests – for every tree used, another one is planted.
  • Thanks to our lightweight drums coming in a wide variety of bespoke shapes and sizes, transportation costs are kept to a minimum.
  • To top it all, fibre drums are fool proof. With an open top design, filling and dispensing, is made simple and efficient.

Sizes available:

On-line our Fibre Drums are available in the following sizes: 30 Litres, 60 litres, 120 litres, and 220 litres. 

Leverpak Fibre drums are a cost-effective solution to packing powder, solids, granules, semi-liquid and hazardous materials.

Their strength and versatility means that they are suitable for a wide range of products and markets including; pharmaceutical, chemical, hot melt adhesives, welding wire, waste and food.


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