Paper Pallets

Karton Pallet

Fibrestar, in conjunction with WGP BV, are proud to offer the Kartonpallet.

This unique, patented, paper pallet is set to revolutionise the pallet industry.

If you air-freight your products, the opportunity to use this pallet, must not be missed.

The Paper Pallet
  • Features:

    About Karton Pallet:

    • This fully recyclable, eco-friendly pallet is derived from 100% renewable materials
    • The smooth surface prevents injuries from splinters, sharp edges, nails or staples
    • The pallets present a clean surface, free from parasites and pests. Meeting ISPM-15 standards
    • Lightweight, offering significant savings when air-freighting
    • Proven performance; up to 1200kg dynamic load, 600kg static load and 500kg pallet load
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