Monkey World

Tuesday, 18 March 2014 10:04

Monkey World


Monkey World assists governments around the world to stop the smuggling of primates from the wild. At their centre in Dorset, Monkey World helps refugees that have suffered from this illegal trade to be rehabilitated in to natural living groups.

Monkey World contacted Fibrestar Drums to see if we could assist them in their search for unique enrichment tools for their treasured guests.


Operations Manager, Shelley Fletcher, was looking for packaging that could be adapted to form unique enrichment tools for the primates. The packaging needing to stimulate and maintain the interest of the primates, and to promote natural behaviour within group. The packaging also needing to be robust enough to stand the rigours of aggressive play.


Fibrestar quickly determined that a selection of our All-Fibre drums and Square-Round drums were the ideal base product for Monkey World's needs. The strength of these products enabling Monkey World's Team to develop designs that would provide long-term entertainment and learning for the primates.   


We will let a Senior Member of the Capuchin Monkey Team, summarise the results:-

"I am a member of the capuchin monkey team at Monkey world and was given the opportunity to make some new and exciting enrichment toys with the cardboard barrels you donated. Firstly thank you for that donation, secondly I would like to tell you just how wonderful it was to see the animal's reactions to what we did. There were three different designs, a spinning barrel with holes on one side, when spun food items fly out and have to be retrieved from far and wide. One with
holes drilled in the bottom which has to be shaken, bashed and thrown around to release the food and another that is stuffed with straw and layered with
favourite food items with large holes so they have to dig deep inside to get the good stuff.

What struck us most was just how long these barrels kept their attention and how many individuals got a chance to have a go. Everyone from the highest ranking primate to the lowest got a chance to have a go and get the prize. We also saw some amazing natural behaviours from animals that have spent their lives in a laboratory and that alone is worth more than words can say. I hope the photographs we took of our capuchins and spider monkeys using the food puzzles gives you as much joy as they got from your donation. It has to be said that other sections are just a little bit jealous and are going mad with potential designs for the
primates in their care and would love the opportunity to get their hands on those cardboard barrels."

For more information on the Fibrestar products used by Monkey World and to see how you can visit these wonderful animals in person, click here

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